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We are proud to bring out this truly awesome product that makes getting the required Flex Fuel hardware on your BMW with incredible ease and minimal effort, in your own driveway.

Our kit is entirely plug and play with the factory vehicle harness. No cutting, splicing or de-pinning OEM wiring/connectors. It installs in 5 minutes and can be removed without a trace on the car in even less time!

Our team used SolidWorks to design a Flow Optimized Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter (FFSA) to ensure fuel flow is unobstructed and with no added pressure drop at full fuel pump flow from the fuel tank to your motor when our kit is installed. This is important when pushing the factory fuel system with all the power Ethanol can provide over petrol!

Flex fuel sensor housing is designed to neatly install into the factory BMW fuel hat location. It features top of the line fuel hose manufactured and pressure tested in house by industry leaders in fuel line components, XRP.

Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter also contains two 1/8 NPT ports that allow installation of an auxiliary Fuel Pressure sensor for vehicles that don’t come with an OEM one from the factory for future use. Depending on fitment, either port can be used.

Install the BM3 Flex Fuel Plug and Play Kit and flash your flex fuel enabled BM3 OTS MultiMap or Custom Map in minutes and you’re off to the races never worrying about alcohol/petrol blend % in your fuel tank. It does not get better or easier than this!

BM3 FlexFuel Plug and Play Kit:

  • 5mins to install at home as opposed to hours at a shop with car up on lift fabricating/cutting into factory fuel lines and splicing/cutting/pinning into OEM electrical
  • 4+ hours in time/cost savings to get going on Flex Fuel as compared to most other kits that require making custom fuel lines, fittings and custom wiring! 
  • Fully reversible/removable and back to stock without a trace in 5 minutes
  • Custom 3-piece Aluminum-6061 Flex Fuel sensor adapter with built-in sensor bypass to allow for obstruction free fuel flow made to fit in the vehicle factory fuel hat area below the rear seat
  • All connecting points sealed with fuel safe Viton o-rings
  • Flex Fuel Sensor Adapter housing provides additional 1/8 NPT ports for optional Fuel Pressure sensor addition to vehicles without a factory one for BM3 CustomROM v2 support
  • CANBUS Enabled Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA) that integrates with BM3 CustomROM for complete and seamless conversion of your BMW to FlexFuel for BM3 Flex Fuel enabled OTS MultiMaps and custom tunes with your BM3 tuner of choice
  • Power/CANBus 4-wire plug and play harness
    • 100% Fully Plug and Play harness to the BMW Fuel Controller connectors (EKP3) on S55, N55 vehicles
    • 100% Fully Plug and Play harness on the BMW Body Domain Controller (BDC/FEM) connector on Gen1 F-series B48/B58
  • Continental Flex Fuel sensor 3-wire harness
  • Custom Aluminum-6061 CANBus Enclosure for the BM3 ECA board
  • Custom Fuel Line by XRP, kink-free teflon braided line allowing plug and play with the OEM fuel hat and factory 5/16” fuel feed line. No cutting or new lines required.
  • -6 AN fitting by Racetronix


*** NOTE *** B58 Gen1 G-Series and Gen2 G-series/A9x Supra vehicle plug and play harness and flex fuel sensor adapter are in the works


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