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F87 M2 Signature Turbo-Back Exhaust System

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Active Autowerke is proud to announce the release of our Signature M2 Exhaust System. We acquired our M2 in April of 2016 and although we were one of the first in the country to get the car, we realize that we aren't the first to market with our product line. But we've never been, and that's ok. Our F8X was considered late to market but it's also now the best performing and most popular option for the M3/M4.

This system is the result of countless hours of R&D to obtain the perfect combination of performance and sound. Constructed of 100% 304 TIG welded stainless steel, we have created a modular exhaust system that will provide enough flow to support power levels way above the stock M2.

The stock M2 midpipe measures as large as 3.2 so we knew right away that piping was not an option! When installed as a complete unit, the exhaust diameter of our system never shrinks below 3.5. Our catless downpipe flows seamlessly in to our mandrel bent mid pipe (with no diameter change) all the way back to our rear section. The rear section splits from a single 3.5 pipe in to dual 3.5 pipes; one of which is valved and leads straight to the exhaust tips with the other leading to a straight through muffler that reduces noise levels when the valve is closed. We chose to use 3.5 legs on the Y so that the exhaust gases would have minimal restriction even when the valve is not open. Although the use of stamped Y-pipes has become popular, they often contain pockets and obstructions internally that promote turbulence. Our Y-pipe is hand built to maintain maximum exhaust velocity throughout the entire system.u00a0
We believe that we've built the best performing exhaust on the market. With the reduced back pressure and large single-pipe design you can expect exhaust velocity to remain as high as possible throughout the entire system. Our design is also capable of handling much higher power levels than stock. It's over engineered to have no issues handling the increased exhaust volume from extensive modifications including turbo upgrades. All Active Autowerke exhausts are designed and manufactured for performance, and our M2 exhaust is no different. Instead of copying the OEM exhaust, we started with a blank canvas in order to create a system as close to perfect as possible.

Once we finalized our design we began to work on the sound. The stock M2 sounds great, but there's always room for improvement! We configured 7 different muffler and resonator setups before settling on our final product. With the valve closed the system is slightly louder than stock but with a great note. With the valve open it's significantly louder but without the metallic, hollow sound of a full straight pipe exhaust.


  • Mandrel bent 304-stainless construction
  • Completely TIG Welded (No MIG Welding at all)
  • Flow efficient Y-Pipe design
  • Perfect fitment with adjustable 90mm double walled tips
  • True 3.5 turbo back design
  • Uses OEM valve motor
  • Designed to be used at stock power levels along with highly modified engines
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Can be used with our 3.5 downpipe or with an adapter to the stock downpipe
  • Manufactured in house at our facility in Miami, FL.


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