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BMW F06 F12 F13 640i 650i M6 Outer CF Diffuser

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If you already have the carbon fiber center portion of the diffuser, yet want a little more CF out back this item is for you. This carbon fiber outer diffuser fits all F06, F12, F13 M6 and 640i/650i M tech applications. This piece is required if you have a 640i or 650i and want to run a center carbon fiber diffuser. This item is hand crafted from genuine 2x2 carbon fiber and completed with a nice clearcoat ensuring it does not stain or deteriorate over time. Proper installation of this outer carbon fiber diffuser REQUIRES removal of the rear bumper. Pictured below, installed on M6 with the centerpiece. This outer carbon fiber diffuser is NOT compatible with the V style center diffuser.

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  • bmwf12012

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