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Stone Exhaust Valvetronic Cat-Back System w/Flat Cut Gloss Carbon Fiber Tips (Non-OPF Dual Exit) - B48 G2x 330i/430i

by Stone
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Since 1998, STONE Exhaust Systems has been driven to developing and refining the most advanced exhaust system technology that provides a boost in performance while still retaining reliable durability. Throughout the years, this has led STONE to developing technology such as their "eddy-flow" catalytic downpipes which are molded based of 3D printed OE downpipes to ensure a direct fitment without requirements of any additional modifications.

We are proud to introduce you to the state of the art Stone OEM Integrated Valve Cat-back Exhaust with dual valves, to enhance the performance and sound of your BMW. The OEM Integrated Valves(s) option allows your exhaust system to operate as standard, where the onboard computer (ECU) will control the opening and closing of the valves automatically.

Stone Exhaust engineers use reverse engineering by 3D scanning OEM parts to understand their functionality and identify weaknesses. Data has been collected continuously in order to analyze factors such as pipe diameter, route and degrees of the bending angles of many different BMW models. Stone Exhaust Systems are constructed utilizing a 7 axis CNC Bending Machine which is the ultimate machine for high levels of precision delivery, necessary for industries such as the aerospace and defense industries.


  • OEM Integration
  • One Piece Design
  • Mechanical Welding with Precision
  • 3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering
  • Dyno Developed In House
  • Reduction in Drone
  • Flat Cut Gloss Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips (102mm)
  • **Utilizes OEM Valves

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  • AP537-1020CG

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