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PRECISION RACEWORKS N55 Big Bore High Pressure Fuel Pump 201-0207

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The Precision Raceworks N55 BIG BORE HIGH PRESSURE FUEL PUMP is designed for customers looking to push the limits without port injection (or in addition to port injection).  Our pumps were developed in a partnership with NHP taking advantage of resources offered by both companies to produce the highest quality and highest flowing high pressure pump upgrade ever for the N55 engine.

This big bore high pressure fuel pump produces as much fuel as other companies "stage 2" or "big bore" pump offerings do on their best day.  The biggest performance difference is consistency.  Each fuel pump is tested and calibrated using state of the art high pressure flow calibration equipment.  Any pump that does not conform to our strict requirements is discarded unlike most other brands that do not know the actual performance of the pump shipped to you.  So every pump we ship is the best of the best and we will will never ship a pump of unknown performance or one that is "probably good enough".

Additionally our fuel pump does not have gaskets or adapter fittings that can leak fuel under pressure .  Each pump is designed specific for your car and is laser welded for lifetime leak free service.


Where is the proof?  Each pump comes with flow calibration report showing dynamic test results and pass/fail status of critical functions.  So not only do you know for a fact the pump receive is performing the best you also know it is leak free and ready for use.


Can I run E85?  Of course!  Just like all other Precision Raceworks products our high pressure pumps are compatible with E85 and all other fuels as well!

Is it supported by tuners?  Absolutely!  The Precision Raceworks high pressure fuel pump is supported by MHD, Bootmod3, Ecutek, and others.  If you need help beyond that just give us a shout and we will get you fixed up!


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