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Heater Core Supply Hose - 64216983858

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Supply hose from coolant flange to heater core

Cooling pipes and hoses are essential for proper cooling. If they are cracked, they are going to need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid overheating your engine.This is the coolant supply hose to the heater core.

Wear is easy to see on these rubber hoses. Bulges, cracking, splitting at connections, and the loss of flexibility are usually big indicators that they are reaching the ends of their lives. Replace them whenever this wear is identified.

When you are replacing your coolant hoses, examine the rest of your cooling system to be sure that all these abused parts are being replaced. In numerous car applications, hose flanges are made of plastic the cracks and leaks over time. Replace any suspect hose flanges and pick up some extra, factory-approved coolant to complete the job by looking under the Maintenance section of your specific model. This coolant hose runs from the coolant supply flange to the heater core in your BMW.


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