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BMW Direct Ignition Coil - Eldor 12138643360

by Eldor
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OEM replacement direct ignition coil for B58/S58 Motors

Your BMW's direct ignition coil provides the power in order for your spark plug to "spark". If your BMW is suffering from a misfire issue it is likely due to a worn ignition coil or bad spark plug. One way to test for a bad ignition coil is to swap the ignition coils and see if the misfire follows the suspected bad ignition coil.

We also recommend using dielectric grease when installing new ignition coils. It will protect the spark plug boot and create a water/dust-tight seal. Great for added ignition performance.

Note: Eldor coils do not come in Eldor branded packaging as Eldor does not have an aftermarket sales division. This coil will come in a white box or box with BBT Technologies branded on it. The part number on top of the coil in both cases will read "750-990012" or "R1705S00100" with a production date/time stamp underneath.

Direct Ignition Coil

Direct ignition coils are located directly over the top of the spark plug. In this ignition setup there is one ignition coil per spark plug and there are no spark plug wires. This ignition setup is often referred to as a coil on plug ignition system.

Coil on plug or direct ignition systems are pretty much used on all modern cars due to packaging, performance, emissions, and maintenance reasons. This ignition system is essentially maintenance free with the exception of spark plug replacements and the occasional coil replacement when compared to a traditional ignition system.

Direct Ignition Coil Failure Symptoms

  • Reduced fuel efficiency

  • Reduced power output

  • Misfires

About Eldor

Eldor Corporation was founded by Pasquale Forte in a garage in the small centre of Orsenigo, in Brianza area, not far from the lakes in Northern Italy. The company was specialized in consumer electronics, developing high tension transformers for radio and television sets. In the late 1980s, Eldor opened up to the world: it started to export products and opened sales branches in USA, Hong Kong and UK. In 1991, taking another bold step for the time, especially for a medium-sized company, Eldor set up its first international operations, opening a factory in Turkey, and introduced the same automated production lines that had proved to be so successful in Italy.

In 1996, with Eldor’s traditional business development in full swing, Pasquale Forte sensed that traditional television sets would become obsolete within ten years. He decided to invest massively in a different sector, Automotive. Three years on, in 1999, another flash of intuition and a new battery division, in a sector of great long-term potential that extends to current hybrid-electric technology. In 2002, Eldor is the world leader in high tension transformer technology. When Eldor was at the top of its game in Consumer Electronics, Pasquale Forte understood that - to ensure the company’s long term sustainability - he had to change course and point the entire organisation in a totally different direction, the Automotive market. This was a new beginning for Eldor.

Ignition systems production gradually took off, and Eldor devoted itself to innovative work on electronic control units. With its first product, using patented technology for analysing ionising current, Eldor gained the “Ferrari Technology Award” as Ferrari’s best technological partner. Eldor joined a number of European research projects and, in 2009, was the first European company in the motor vehicle sector to put a full-hybrid scooter on the road. In 2009, Eldor won the “Volkswagen Group Award”, the first Italian company in Italy to receive an award from Volkswagen for the quality of its products.

Note: Eldor coils do not come in Eldor branded packaging as Eldor does not have an aftermarket sales division.


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