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Akebono PRO-ACT High Carbon Zinc Coated Brake Disc (Rotor)

by Akebono
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Akebono PRO-ACT High Carbon Brake Rotors provide quiet, safe and smooth braking performance with high resistance to judder (pedal pulsation), thermal cracking and brake pedal fade.

The Akebono PRO-ACT OE MBZ special zinc coating is applied to all outward non-friction surfaces including in the gap between the plates covering the cooling vanes and cured through an oven drying process. The OE MBZ special zinc coating provides an effective anti-rust protection to help maintain a clean appearance.

Akebono PRO-ACT High Carbon Brake rotors are manufactured to exacting standards. The PRO-ACT product line consists of Certified High Carbon™ content which provides the best quality for performance and durability.

Akebono PRO-ACT brake rotors provide the best performance for today’s driving conditions. Born from racing technology, high carbon rotors come standard on many luxury and high performance vehicles. This high quality rotor provides better performance and safety for all vehicles under any driving conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • High carbon content where applicable
  • Akebono Ultra-Premium PRO-ACT brake pads and rotors are the ideal match
  • Precision machined for quiet performance
  • High resistance to thermal cracking and fade
  • Smooth and confident pedal feel
  • Warranty - 24 months/24,000 miles (40,000 km)

Part #:

  • AK22118DR

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